For the Ladies

Berry Blast Deodorant

Deodorant is an important part of everyone's daily hygiene routine. Using deodorant is something most of us do on a daily basis. So why are we using something that is chock-full of chemicals? M... More

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This is a great gift for that special someone in your life. This is a fantastic soap bar that has a floral scent.

Made with a shea butter mix, it creates a great lather and leaves your sk... More

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Purple Orchid Candle

Enhance your peace with this Purple Orchid Candle. The crackle of the wood wick will transform your solitude into one-to-one harmony. The orchid scent generates unconditional unity.

Treat... More

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Salt Bay Soap

We can not overstate how good salt is for your skin. Salt soap bars exfoliate, help balance the natural oils of your skin, detoxify, and reduce acne and inflamation. The salt does not dry your... More

price $8.49