Salt Bay Soap

We can not overstate how good salt is for your skin. Salt soap bars exfoliate, help balance the natural oils of your skin, detoxify, and reduce acne and inflamation. The salt does not dry your skin and is full of minerals that are beneficial to your skin.

This bar soap, Salt Bay, is one of our premier soaps. The Salt Bay is also a great vegan soap.

The Salt Bay soap is very cleansing and creates a nice lather. The Salt Bay has a nice refreshing citrus scent.

Ingredients include: Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Kaolin Clay, Himalayan Salt, Coconut Oil, Orange and Ylang-Ylang Oil.


Hurry! Less than 10 remain.

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Product Reviews

I am obsessed with this soap. It gently exfoliates without leaving your skin dry. The scent is light and natural, nothing overpowering, chemical, or floral.  If you are sensitive to aromas, this soap should not bother you.  It has become my favorite thing in the shower. I definitely recommend for all skin types.  

- Kelly F

I placed an order with all the soaps. This soap and one other salt soap are really cool. You can really feel the salt working on your skin. I give it a 4 because of all the soaps, this one was not my favorite. Still a good soap though.

- Liam F