Modern Man All Natural Vegan Soap

Mire Shea Butter Soap

The Mire soap is a very complex blend. Must try! Sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, atop about a dozen other fragrances.

The Mire is a shea butter soap. Shea b...More

price $5.99


The end is here; Ragnarök! The end of dirt that is. Made with Icelandic sand and activated charcoal, the Ragnarök soap gently exfoliates dirt, grime and dead skin off of yo...More

price $6.99

Salt Bay Soap

We can not overstate how good salt is for your skin. Salt soap bars exfoliate, help balance the natural oils of your skin, detoxify, and reduce acne and inflamation. The salt does not dry your...More

price $7.99

Sex Panther Soap

60% of the time it works everytime!

As a man, your sack is important to you. Take care of your sack! Lather your body and your nether regions with this antifungal / antib...More

price $8.99

Shea Butter Soap

Shea butter's fatty acid content, including linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids make this a fantastic moisturizing soap. The shea butter's fatty acids quickly absorb into the...More

price $6.99

The Viking

We have a treat for you! The Viking all natural bar soap! This soap is made using a mixture of volcanic Icelandic sand and poppy seeds. The Islandic sand exfoliates to a fine degree, while the...More

price $7.99