Lucky Bourbon Soap

Written on 2021-08-15 06:47:50 By Joe Fitzgerald

The benefits of whiskey in your soap make for a truely unique bathing experience. Whiskey contains sugar. When you add sugar to cold process soap, you increase the amount of lather in your soap. Adding whiskey achieves the same effect. A nice rich lather that makes bathing fun. Like when you were a kid. Remember getting covered in suds when you were a kid? That was fun.Bourbon Soap

But adding whiskey has more benefits than just fun. Because whiskey is an alcohol, it has the same cleansing agents found in other alcohols that are commonly found in cosmetics. However, it's not harsh or drying to your skin. The benefits of whiskey in soap include antibacterial, anti-inflamitory and acne fighting properties. It can also help to control ecess oil which will give you younger looking skin.

In addition the Lucky No.5 whiskey soap has a great bourbon influenced aroma. We're very proud of the Lucky No.5 whiskey soap and we can't wait for you to try it.

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