Black Dragon Soap

Written on 2021-10-04 15:42:01 By Joe Fitzgerald

Hawaiian SaltWe are proud to announce a new bar of soap. It's made with Hawaiian black salt. We call it the black dragon. This is an exciting addition to our line of vegan soap bars.

The salt in the black dragon soap bar helps to balance the natural oils of your skin. The salt is added to the soap during the trace portion of the soap making process. This keeps the salt intact enough that it will come off the bar into your wash cloth to exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and leaves your skin bright and youthful looking.

Hawaiian salt helps to draw impurities away from the skin. We call our salt bars, "Spa" bars, because they add to a skin detoxifiing routine without having to take salt baths.

Hawaiian salt does not dry your skin. In fact, it helps to remove dry skin and balances your skin's natural oils. While the minerals in the salt help to condition and cleanse your skin.

Hawaiian salt also helps to reduce inflamation in your skin. This along with the the benefits listed above may help to control or reduce acne in your skin.

We are really excited to offer this "Spa" bar to our customers we just know you're going to love the Black Dragon soap bar.

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