Venti Latte Candle

Nothing sets a calm mood like freshly-brewed coffee, sugar, and cream. Take your, "me," time to the next level. Step outside your world and into the calm relaxing world of the Venti Latte Candle.

This revolutionary candle comes with the most compelling ceramic jar. This makes it the perfect gift for that special person in your life. They'll be eating out of your hand when they crack back the quality wooden cap and catch a whiff of the soothing latte scent.

8 oz.

Regular Price: $20.99
Sale Price: $19.99

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Product Reviews

I came to this site to buy gifts for my boyfriend. But, I bought this for myself. What a great candle!! I absolutely love it. I put it on at night while I'm reading. The scent just soothes my soul. This is a must purchase item for me.

- Tessa T