World's Best Shave Bar

Congratulations! Your search is over. This is it. The world's best shave bar. We took dozens of our competitor's shave bars and tested them against ours. Hands down ours wins, everytime.

This bar took many months to develop. We worked hard, painstakingly adding and subtracting ingredients until we accomplished what we set out to do; make the world's best shave bar. We are so proud of this shave bar and can't wait to share it with you. Our competitors are selling their bar for upwards of 20 dollars per bar. We are offering this bar at half that price because we want to get this bar into the hands of our customers. Judge for yourself. This is the world's best shave bar.

All natural and paraben free. This shave bar will lather your face in luxury. Your blade will run smoothly over your face delivering a great shaving experience.

Ingredients include, but are not limited to:
Coconut Oil,
Castor Oil,
Shea Butter,
Almond Oil


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