Hypoallergenic Soap

For those who suffer from skin allergies, this soap could be exactly what the doctor ordered. We have identified a problem in the industry where those with allergies just could not use soap without side effects. So we've created a soap specifically for those with allergy issues. We are proud to say that we've created a product that has helped people with these issues.

This all natural soap is made from ingredients of the highest quality. This soap is also nut-free for those suffering from nut allergies. We don't use any scent oils which many are allergic to.

On it's own this, hypoallergenic soap, is a premium all natural soap. It's gentle for those who have sensitive skin and it's not going to dry your skin like many hypoallergenic soaps do.

Ingredients include:
Lard, Babassu Oil, Olive Oil, Lye and Water.

Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $13.99

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Product Reviews

I've known the owner going back almost 2 decades when I got that allergic reaction. I'd never gone through anything like it before. LATEX ALLERGY. Two words that forever changed my life. My diet dropped to a staple of about 5 foods while other foods were gradually reintroduced  into my diet and NONE of the soap or other personal hygiene products could be used due to the fact that skin is more sensitive to allergens than when consumed as food. Modern Man Soap Company stepped up and made a bar specially for me bc there wasn’t anything else out there. This latex hypoallergenic soap is the best. I recommend it because I use it.

- Gustavo F